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Situated in the matured landscape of Nilai, residents of D’Mayang Sari are assured of a complete, advanced infrastructure to meet all their lifestyle needs. It caters to the demands of modern city living, yet also exudes the warmth and cosiness of a home. The double-storey homes are designed to allow the warmth of sunshine and breeze of fresh air to enter, making the most of the natural elements in our tropical climate. Large windows open up to captivating views while creating a more open and welcoming space. The ode to nature continues outside the home, in the surrounding areas, where residents will slip easily into a healthy lifestyle, with physical activities by the Eco Lake and the Linear Park. To encourage quality time with family and the communal spirit, we incorporated a Kite Lawn and Shaded Playground where families can come together and engage in healthy pastimes.





Enjoy afternoon tea and a gentle stroll with your loved ones around the Eco Lake, fully taking in the serenity of which the water and the sunrays have to offer. Enhance the biodiversity of the development as well as enrich the experience of all who live here.

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