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Want to know how much your monthly payment will be for a particular mortgage? Now you can easily check your estimated monthly installment with this loan calculator. Please note that this is only a general estimate and borrowers should not rely on this when making a loan decision. Your bank may offer repayment schedules to suit your individual needs. Kindly consult them for more accurate figures.

Step 01
About You

This information is used to calculate your Debt Service Ratio! The Debt Service Ratio (DSR) is a measure used by banks to verify your ability to repay the loan applied for. This is a very important part!

personal finance details
Your Salary
Your Commitments
Step 02
Your Dream Home

This is the property price as stated in your Sale and Purchase Agreement, not the advertised price

house loan
House Price
(or SPA Price)
Offer From Developer
Step 03
Your Monthly Payments & Hidden Costs

Apart from the house price, you should also be prepared for additional costs that occur during the home buying process!

P.S. This tooltip contains a formula that you can use to calculate each cost!

Note: Some developers might cover the legal fees for you, which means you can disregard them in your cost calculations!

bank loan legal
Loan Information
Hidden Costs

The default rate for MRTA is RM3,500 for every RM100,000.

Total Income
Total Commitments
Finalised House Price
Total Other Payments
RM 0.00
Total Loan
Monthly Payment
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