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2013 Knowledge Castle . A Small Gift That Meant a World to Them.

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

Children deserve proper education regardless their background and to lighen their burden, both figuratively and literally, Seri Pajam Development paid a visit to selected schools to hand free school bags to less fortunate students.

This is a follow up to our Happily Ever After event which was held on December 2012. Seri Pajam Development will donate 1 school bag to a student in need and the response was a whopping 200 plus entries! Humbled with the community's support for literacy, Seri Pajam Development extended their pledge by increasing the number of donated school bags to more than 500!

So on the month of February, Seri Pajam Development travelled to a few schools in handling out the bags to the little ones with big dream! A small gift that meant a world to them. Each students lined up eagerly to received their new school bags and some even opened the packaging immediately to replace their worn old ones.

Smiles and all arond laughter was heard in these schools throughout the day. Seri Pajam development was both touched and proud to provide profound happiness to these future leaders - something that is worth more than money itself. The schools that received free bags were

  1. Sek Ren Keb Tmn Seri Pagi 4/2/2013

  2. Sek Ren Keb Ampang Tingi 4/2/2013

  3. Sek Ren Keb Tasik Jaya 4/2/2013

  4. Sek Ren Yam Yuan Hitam 5/2/2013

  5. Sek Ren Jenis Keb Cina Sikamat 5/2/2013

  6. SJKT Ladang Senawang 6/2/2013

  7. Sek Keb Panchor Jaya 6/2/2013

  8. Sek Keb Seremban Jaya 7/2/2013

  9. Sek Keb Cina Kg Paroi 7/2/2013



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