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2013 Love For the Golden Generation

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

Chinese New Year is time for loving and gathering with family. Everyone will always recall the moments they get to share the table together, laugh and best of all collect ang paus. But great moments like this are meant to be shared .. for some are less fortunate than we are.

To put our words to action, we visited a retirement home to get close with the elder generation that are living there. Seri Pajam Development brought love and excitement of Chinese New Year to them. It was truly a touching moment for we met interesting people who are old by age but very young at heart.

The way the occupants keep each other company in their newfound family. In turn effected Seri Pajam Development employees deeply as it helped us to do some soul searching which in the end made us realize how some of us take our fortune for granted.

We laughed and cheered as we made friends with the elders and they told us amazing stories about their lives' adventures. We left feeling that instead of leaving an impact on them, they too left a deep impact on us. We found friendship and experiences which can't be caught by money - a truly meaningful Chinese New Year.



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