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2016 Gotong Royong @ Perdana College Heights

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

Seri Pajam Development as an active supporter of sustainable development, held a Gotong Royong event last Saturday on 20th Aug 2016 @ Perdana College Height.

The local authorities- Majlis Perbadaran Nilai and the residents of Perdana College Heights, turned out in full force to support the event aimed at creating more awareness of the importance of being environmentally sensitive and how they can contribute to a greener and cleaner place.

In conjunction with the event, a series of activities were carried out such as creating "Kebun Komuniti"- a home grown area for the residents, "Tukar-Menukar" -residents brought along recyclable items to exchange with fresh fruits.

It was a very fruitful day for all of the contributors. Big thank you to all of Pegawai MPN and Penduduk Perdana College Heights for making the event fantastic ! Based on the encouraging response there will definitely be more such activities in the pipeline to maintain the "Go Green" momentum.



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