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Seri Pajam Development- Corporate Social Respoinsibility- "Knowledge Castle"

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

Seri Pajam Development Corporate Social Responsibility "Knowledge Castle"

Seri Pajam Development not just crafting beautiful and sustainable developments for future generations. it includes our commitment to actively contribute back to society by being a responsible corporate citizen. Taking on our role as caring and responsible corporate citizen seriously, Seri Pajam Development focuses its efforts in education and aiding the less fortunate though -KNOWLEDFE CASTLE program since year 2011.

The main objective of the "Knowledge Castle" is to "Lighten their burden". Everyone has the right to education. It is not privilege but a basic right. Seri Pajam Development feel strongly about this cause, and part of our efforts include visiting selected schools to hand out school bags and stationaries to eager student. A small contributions from the company meant so much to them as some immediately stated using the gifts.

This year of 2019. Seri Pajam Development's CSR program has donated school bags. socks, shoes. stationary to the students and story books for the school library which benefited 1,000 students from 26 schools. The current program has helped more than 5000 beneficiaries from 72 schools. We giving out nearly 25,000 story books to school libraries. The company hope that the student will continue strive through difficulties, appreciate the chance to learn and complete their education.

Seri Pajam Development initiated 'Knowledge Castle' program is also to promote a joy and passion of reading. enhance the living environment of the community, reduce wastage and encourage people to do something for themselves and the community. no matter what of their background. This is the chance for us to give them the gift of learning. There are books where the company received from volunteers, communities, and pre-loved books origination.

Any individual who would like to donate story books for the student are welcome to drop off their new or preloved books to any of Seri Pajam Development's Sales Gallery.

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