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5 security features to improve your home safety

Stay Safe In Your Own Home

Malaysia, with its rapid development growth in recent decades, is seen as an emerging economy with a bright future. Its economic success is seen in the array of new construction projects, from residential to commercial, across the country. In particular, Malaysia is home to an array of stunning residential developments, many built by Seri Pajam Development.

You don't want unwanted guests snooping around your property at night

That said, crime and safety remain an issue within Malaysia. In Malaysia, break-ins are getting too frequent. This is especially true during the festive season or school holidays, when the ENTIRE neighborhood leaves town. Petty theft and home robberies occur frequently; knowing how to protect your home and your family is important. According to the Malaysia 2020 Crime & Safety Report, residential break-ins are common.

Most break-ins are non-confrontational and occur when no one is at home. Gated & Guarded communities with additional security measures have reduced the burglary rate, however, this alone is not enough. Smart, tech-savvy homeowners are utilizing different equipment and strategies to ensure the safety of their homes and contents.

The old reliable "Lock and Chain" just won't cut it anymore.

Smart Safety Measures to Consider

Your property is your pride and joy, a place that you should feel happy and safe in. Taking proactive steps to ensure the safety of your home increases your peace of mind, especially when you are away. Here are four smart safety measures to employ in order to keep your property and its contents safe from would-be thieves.

Big brother is always watching...

1. Install CCTV In Your Home

CCTV works on two levels: as a deterrent and as a means of recovering any potentially stolen goods. Installing CCTV at strategic points around your home, especially around the perimeter and at entry points to the interior, is important. Would-be criminals are far less likely to target homes that have CCTV installed than those that don't.

Should the worst happen, CCTV can be used to identify the thieves and assist in recovering your stolen items. When installing your CCTV, it helps to consider the points where a criminal may try to enter. Look out for potential blind spots and back alleys, ensuring that these areas are covered by cameras.

Always ensure that your CCTV is turned on and recording, especially at night or when you are away from home. Having footage to show to police will make their job easier and increase the odds of you recovering any stolen goods.

2. Invest in an Alarm System

An effective alarm system is a must-have item for any home. Imagine a would-be thief attempting to burglarize your home. Any loud noise is likely to send them running in the other direction with their pants down. With a good alarm system, any break-ins are going to be met with a shrill alarm that will frighten and deter the culprit. Alarm systems can also directly notify the neighborhood or the security guard of an attempted break-in.

What's more, a good alarm system can pay for itself due to the reduction in house insurance costs. Coupling an alarm system with CCTV provides true peace of mind for homeowners. For thieves, on the other hand, are a nightmare.

Until the thieves are smart enough to cut the power, that's another problem
Any loud noise blaring throughout the night will scare would-be thieves away

3. Install Electronic Locks

Rather than a simple lock and key, electronic locks open doors by digital or electronic means. There is a wide range of electronic locks available on the market. They are designed to make unwelcome entry into your house even more difficult.

The benefits of electronic locks include the fact that copies can't be made. You, as the homeowner, can be certain of the number of keys in circulation. Electronic locks can range from keypads, fingerprint or access card systems.

Electronic locks are convenient and offer peace of mind that your home cannot be illegally entered by anyone other than you and your family. Anyway, even with digital lock, you will still need to remember to lock your doors and windows (Duh!) Yup, we know this tip is obvious. But in your haste to get to the airport, you may forget this basic step. Make an extra effort to go around the house and every room before heading out for your long holiday.

Psst, our Development at Nada Alam & D'Mayang Sari comes with Electronic Locks for you!

4. Communicate With Neighbors

Just because it's old-fashioned doesn't mean it's not effective. Asking your neighbors to keep an eye out when you're away is what good neighbors are for. You would do the same for them in a heartbeat, so feel comfortable relying on someone you trust.

Should they spot something suspicious, they can contact you or inform the police directly. Acting fast in a situation like a home robbery is essential. Therefore, having eyes on your home can make all the difference to stopping would-be thieves from stealing your items.

This is where you put your cooking and social skills to the test.

5. Don’t expose your valuables

If your home has lots of windows or sliding doors, make sure to draw the curtains before you leave. In the day time a single day curtain, or sheer curtain is enough to keep our prying eyes. However, if you are going to leave the house at night, that same sheer curtain will not be enough. Get a thicker fabric, or get two layers of curtains to keep your home private so the thieve will not be able to see anything valuable things in the house. Or to make the house looks like someone is in, you may switch on music or TV too.

Leave some lights on when you are out for dinner, or a trip.

Find Peace With Seri Pajam Development Home.

Our residential developments are both spacious and modern, combing community living with private homes. Additional effort done for respective project such as with anti-climb fencing, single access to the project, access card for the residence, CCTV at the guard house, 24 hours patrolling with e-bike, moreover our new product install smart item such as digital lock for your new home.

Our Nada Alam development, for example, is a 160-acre freehold green development in Nilai, Negeri Sembilan. This exclusive enclave adheres to first-rate security measures designed to provide peace of mind. Meaning Nature's Resonance, Nada Alam provides a back-to-nature vibe through its range of concept parks and green spaces. With homes that are fully modern and stunningly-designed, you'll feel truly at-home and safe in Nada Alam.

Check out our development at Nada Alam! We have enough security facilities to put your mind at ease.

We always encourage homeowners to take their own proactive steps to ensure the security of their possessions. For our full range of exciting properties and developments, check out our page here.



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