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6 kitchen hacks that will turn you into a Masterchef

Have you ever looked at your kitchen and feel that it is not motivating you to prepare tasty meals? It is because your kitchen layout was misplanned. Read on to learn these six kitchen renovation tips so that you can fully utilise your kitchen area in your daily life and be the next Masterchef.

Point 1: Traffic planning

Workflows are essential for the kitchen to work well. You must be clear when you cook or purify from one place to the next, without worrying about getting through people or barriers. Make sure you can quickly move to the oven and the range from the refrigerator to the preparation area, then to a cleaning area with a dishwasher. Try incorporating in a separate location a backup drink or snack fridge so that guests or children can get food and drink without interrupting the cooking procedure.

Point 2: Match the traffic with your workflow

Identify the busiest locations in your kitchen when preparing to renovate your kitchen, such as the sink, stove and fridge. Ensure that these areas and devices are in an efficient, mutually reliable position. This is called the "work triangle" by many designers. The working triangle is a time-tested small kitchen renovation tip and design guideline that helps to establish productive working areas for kitchens with unobstructed roads. Imagine your cooktop, sink and fridge being joined by a triangle. It's the triangle of work. Every leg of the triangle should measure between 4 and 9 feet, according to the advice of the National Kitchen and Bath Association. This allows for easy access to the kitchen, cleaning and food storage rooms while giving sufficient space to minimise crowding.

Point 3: Find the right height of your microwave or other equipment

Determine the ideal height and location by thinking of the preference of the people using the kitchen and whether children frequently use it or not. A microwave that is 15 inches above the countertop level is a good microwave height for adults. A below-countertop setup may be safer and more appropriate for children. The reason for the difference in height is because it may be dangerous if a shorter person reaches above his head in order to try to retrieve a heat plate from the microwave. Although this height is advisable, it is also up to the tenants of the house and the sensitive maximum installation height.

Point 4: Choose the equipment before renovation

It's crucial to choose your new kitchen appliances at the design phase if you plan to renovate your kitchen. If you plan on keeping any of your current appliances, make sure to notify your designer. While most appliance sizes are standardised, differences do exist, and the decisions you make can have a ripple effect throughout your whole kitchen design. Prior to actually beginning to plan your cabinet design, for instance, your designer will need to know whether you intend to use a standard range or a countertop unit with wall-mounted ovens.

Point 5: Give a function for your kitchen island

Nowadays, the kitchen island size plays an important role. You need to have an effective kitchen island design to optimise the functionality of an island for various functions, such as employing it for your cooking and baking needs. It can also be adapted for storage. Choose cabinets for kitchen islands or built-in appliances rather than a hollow one if you want to use space well. Use lightweight stools, or foldable chairs for seating, which contributes to space conservation.

Point 6: Storage for your knife

Putting your knives and other cooking appliances and utensils into a drawer is a bad idea. You might hurt yourself while getting other cutleries. Moreover, it can also harm the knife by jostling with other metal items, making it dull faster, or even generating nicks and notches that need to be repaired. Therefore, it is good to have a fixed knife spot. The correct knife for work is so easy to locate and dangerous things are unaffected by youngsters. Have a drawer that is equipped with slots that hold knives and cover the sharp blades.

After reading about the above six tips for kitchen renovation, you will understand that with good kitchen storage, your cooking workflow will be better, and eventually your food will be tastier too. To become a Masterchef, a well-designed kitchen that is spacious and has good lighting is a must. So, choose the best kitchen design from our list here:



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