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6 Things to Consider When Choosing Where to Live With Your Kids

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

Excerpt from the Waves, vol 15, 2018

Just like our parents, we would do anything for our loved ones; who only want the best a child can have while growing up. If you're planning to settle down, it is important to take account of various factors in mind while choosing the right house for your family.

These are our top six factors we think you need to look out for:

But a family's happiness makes it priceless

1# Price

It goes without saying that price is the main basis for choosing a home closer to the city, a new township or in an older established neighbourhood. For a family with children, the consideration takes a whole different dimension. So taking family expenditure into consideration will help you to narrow down your location options.

2# Location

Is the new house near to a school? How about babysitters and other amenities? Do any of my family members live nearby? These are some of the questions that you would want to consider when it comes to choosing the best location to live with your kids.

That's not all. Beyond these questions, you may also want to consider the environment that you would like your children to be raised in.

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3# Saftey & Security

Most would agree that safety is paramount. No parents would like to raise their kids in areas where safety is an issue or in neighbourhoods that are notorious for security breaches.

It would be wise to consider purchasing a home that is installed with safety features or one that is located inside a gated and guarded community.

4# Type of Home

Which type of house is right for you and your family? You may pitch a high-rise property against a landed property and weigh the pros and cons. It would be worthwhile to consider the family size and plans for expansion as well but these may not necessarily be a concern for young parents because the first home is usually a temporary means to end before purchasing a dream home.

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5# Education

As we discussed earlier in point number two, distance to an educational institute is a key consideration for deciding on the location. For most parents, a reputable school, which is easily accessible, is a top priority. Needless to say, neighbourhoods with this feature becomes a major draw.

Moreover, developments with good schools in the vicinity tend to mature faster.

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6# Lifestyle Facilities and Amenities

We cannot stress enough the impact of facilities and amenities to your overall lifestyle and wellbeing. Areas with facilities such as jogging paths, cycling tracks, basketball courts act as strong motivators to lead a healthy lifestyle - but how about other amenities? Missing out on some features such as nearby grocery stores may just be a minor inconvenience but missing out on key institutions such as a hospital can be problematic.

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