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Empty spaces in your home? What can I do with it?

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

Do you ever wonder how unused spaces can exist in your home when you've used every inch? So, have a look around! Do you see that spot where you dumped the newspapers? Or the empty space between your refrigerator and the kitchen shelf? What about the barren walls? What about the space above and behind your door? Isn't it true that there are far too many neglected and ignored pockets vying for your attention?

Make use of the unused space in your home. Small or large, tiny corners or a spare room, a few thoughts and you'll be able to repurpose them into something you'll love, ensuring maximum space utilisation for home space decoration.

So, are you ready for some tips and tricks?

Here are some fantastic ideas for transforming unused spaces and corners into beautiful and functional areas.

The closet is often a wasted space because the spacious layout, with its shelves and cupboards and who knows what else, is the last thing that will force you to discard unwanted items (like old shoes and torn jackets).

It's so easy to become a hoarder, and it's even easier when you have a lot of space! Feel free to reuse your outfits. There is no need for the extra storage space that a walk-in provides, so you don't need to own seven different black numbers for those after-work cocktail parties. In essence, a walk-in closet is nothing more than a larger closet with a pole or rack to hang a row of garments. In the end, you're just wasting space underneath or over the row. How do you use the closet space? Is there any space between or above the shelves? Add another shelf, and you'll have enough space to store your t-shirts or everyday kurtas. Boxes can be brought in to increase storage capacity. Remember, no waste of space is now the rule! Add an extended rod to double the amount of hanging space you have available. Shelf dividers make it easier to store garments on shelves. Utilize under-shelf baskets to increase your shelf space. If your clothes are bursting through your closet doors, space-saving hangers are a must-have if you want to maximise your storage space.

Besides, the space behind and above the doors is frequently overlooked and underutilized.

Look above and beyond, not just the doors. Your home's space above each door is a treasure trove for storage and decoration. In terms of the space above the door, try to incorporate simple shelving solutions to make room for your décor or souvenirs. Simple shelving solutions will provide you with a completely new space to store books or to display souvenirs and decor items that don't have a home elsewhere. Simple, straight shelving is simple to install and remove and can add a lot of character to a bland hallway. How do you use the space behind the doors? Make the most of such areas by constructing a ceiling-to-floor single-door wardrobe or purchasing a collapsible wardrobe. You can even construct shelves in the space to hold books or accessories. A bag wardrobe would also work well in the space. It is also the ideal place to keep shoes instead of piled in a heap by adding a bench with shoe cubbies and baskets.

Furthermore, many houses have empty corner spaces that make living room decoration difficult.

These are frequently small, unused, and ineffective spaces. If you have a large space in a corner or a spare room that you rarely use, it's time to put it to use. By adding a small chair, table, and a couple of shelves, you can transform such a corner into a home office. Or just a reading or gaming nook. Add some colour and patterns to the wall as needed, and you'll have a cosy space to read, work, or study. You could also try converting the space into a gym, a TV room, or a play area for children, depending on the available space. Another option for such a space is to build a man cave, a she-shed, or a woman-cave where you can relax and unwind. Why not try something different with hanging art and make a gallery wall that spans the corner? Use your imagination to create an organic, flowy look that you can add to as you please! Make use of a well-designed chair for room decoration. If you have any extra seating space or need, a chair is an excellent way to fill it! If you want a place to lounge, go with a large, cosy armchair, but if you want to keep it smaller, go with a smaller wooden chair. If you can find something vintage, it will add a lot of character to your space! Combine the chair with a floor lamp, a cosy throw blanket, and a basket for a few books, and you've got yourself a perfect little reading nook!

In addition, the balcony space is often wasted because you don't have a lot of options here as it is too little and tight.

Not all homes have balconies, but those that do tend to ignore them. As a result, there is a pointless balcony full of trash. Whether you have a regular balcony or a dry balcony, you can make it more appealing with a little imagination. A small garden, cosy tea table, reading nook, and other balcony transformation ideas are worth considering. Add some colour and accessories, along with a few string lights, and you have your own zen space! A wall made of planters creates the mood, and vibrant flowers give it a festive feel. When you want to unwind and rest, retire to the colourful refuge made of green artificial turf and wicker chairs. Turn your balcony into a mini-urban jungle to satisfy your green thumb. Flower boxes can be used to cover the railing. A tiny accent table and chair overlooking the view is ideal for one. Naturally, there will be elements that are shared by your balcony and those of others—a table and chairs, plants, and some type of lighting. However, you shouldn't feel obligated to replicate other spaces in order to have a stylish balcony—it should also reflect some of your personal taste. To create an eclectic, tasteful space, add colourful decorative plates, a mirror, and other small decor items.



As you can see, there are numerous possibilities in home decorating ideas for repurposing unused areas in your home. Be imaginative and creative in order to give your home layout a new purpose and meaning. The best part is that making the best use of every space in your home only takes a little effort and time. Using room designers before buying a house in Malaysia to rethink unused spaces is a great idea because they can give underutilised spaces new meaning and appeal, making them more functional and appealing.

Now that you know the secrets to using the empty spaces in your home, it is time to select your favourite property and buy a house in Nilai from our website and book now for as low as RM99.



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