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Got Land to Spare? Here's What You Can Do With A Corner-Lot!

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

When most people think about what can be done with extra land, they have a surprisingly small imagination. In this blog post, we're going to cover some extra land use examples of how versatile, useful, and enjoyable land can be. Most outdoor home activities take place in the extra land on the corner lot, whether it's playtime for the kids, a family barbecue, inflatable pool space, or quiet time with a good book. Unlike traditional landscapes, the extra land has evolved into an outdoor space that serves as an extension of the home.

Most extra land on the corner lot could benefit from an upgrade as part of any home improvement project, whether it's minor changes or a complete renovation with the help of a landscape design professional. Even a small extra land on the corner lot can be transformed into a welcoming space where you can make the most of your time outside. Here are some ideas on what you can do with extra land on the corner lot to get you started.

Idea 1: Water Feature

Have you ever considered adding an outdoor water feature to your extra land? Imagine coming home from work, dropping your papers at the door, and wandering to the patio table next to your outdoor landscape water feature at the extra land. The stress of the day will melt away as you listen to the water cascade down the fountain, bubbling rock, or other types of water feature.

Amid busy schedules and long work days, it’s not often possible to get away from it all and enjoy nature’s soothing sounds. With water features, you can bring the sounds of nature right to your outdoor space. Alongside the positive mental effects that come with listening to the sounds of running water, a waterfall also produces negative ions that improve air quality — helping you and your family breathe easier.

Idea 2: Your Own Outdoor Camp

This is an excellent idea, particularly if your extra land on the corner lot is surrounded by nature. A summer camp for children is an excellent way to both give back to the community and make money. Many children enjoy being outside, so having natural elements around them will spark their imaginations and encourage them to be creative as they explore. When you're camping on your own land, you don't have to worry about not enough space to create your camp site. And you don't have to worry about anyone coming up and crowding your space or blasting loud music because you own the land, giving you all the peace and privacy that you could ever ask for. Camping on your own land is a much different experience than camping in a populated camping spot, and much more similar to camping out in the woods or the forest.

Idea 3: Outdoor Area For Your Pet

Doesn't your best friend deserve a spacious land space to grow? Within your own home compound at the corner unit, you'll be able to let your dogs run around freely while enjoying the warm sun and cool surroundings. Imagine you have enough land space to build specially designed obstacle courses - such as frame-ramps, jump obstacles, and tunnels - to teach your pets a little lesson in agility.

Idea 4: Homegrown farm- Grow your own food~

While growing a garden seems to be a growing trend, that is not to say that it isn’t a completely worthwhile venture, something merely fashionable for the moment. Gardens are fun and interesting projects for adults and children to enjoy.

As we get so busy with our daily lives, spending long hours in the office, get trapped in heavy traffic jams, we tend to have less focus on work-life balance, not to mention having healthier eating habits. There are many vegetables that you can easily plant at your extra land such as sweet potatoes leaves to bitter gourd, winter melon, eggplants, spring onions, Taiwanese Yun Er greens, mint leaves, curry leaves, birdseye chili, basil, and more. Don’t limit by space. You do not need a 100 arches land to be able to grow your own vegetables. Vegetable doesn’t get any fresher than harvesting from your very own edible garden. Be a city farmer, enjoy the fun of cooking with what you grow today!

Idea 5: Outdoor dining area

Guess what, you can anytime have your own BBQ party at home since there's extra land to use. Warm weather inspires people to enjoy the outdoors, and nothing is more relaxing that outdoor cooking areas where you can spend time with family and friends. Perhaps you prefer to BBQ outdoors to help keep your kitchen cool on hot summer days, or perhaps you simply enjoy being out in the middle of the action where you can cook and socialize all while keeping an eye on the kids.

Idea 6: Inflatable playground

Not every home has the extra land like a corner unit can set up an Inflatable playground. It is also a good idea to use up the land and it is fun for kids. Nowadays you don't need to buy an inflatable, you can rent different design inflatable and just enjoy it with your own kids or with relatives. You don’t have to be throwing a kid's birthday party to have some inflatable fun! There are so many occasions in which a castle bounce house, inflatable water slide or a bounce palace would make an outdoor gathering or event complete!


Homeowners have begun to see their extra land on the corner lot in a new light, thanks in part to the spread of inspirational extra land activity photos on sites like Pinterest and Instagram. There are more creative and low-maintenance ways to update the land of your home without breaking the bank. Do feel free to speak to our property buddy and they will love to share with you what you can do with your extra land.

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