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How to know if a house is a good investment?

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

All homebuyers want a fair deal with their real estate. According to many property experts worldwide, location, and price are two important determinants of whether a home is a worthwhile investment. Accessibility is important, but finding properties that can be retrofitted with little effort and time can be tricky. Even after a thorough home inspection, anyone who has bought a house knows that there can be hidden problems, which arise unannounced and are not easily discovered. It takes a keen eye to determine at a glance whether a home is worth the investment. How to choose a house to invest in? In this article, you will discover the eight factors in determining whether a house is suited for investment.

1. Neighborhood

The types of tenants and job levels you attract will be determined by the neighborhood from which you purchase. Students are likely to make up the majority of potential tenants if you buy an apartment near a university, which is good news to landlords as the units will be fully tenanted throughout the year. Is a house a good investment? If you are looking into gaining passive income through rental income, look no further than Seri Pajam Development as there are 4 international universities in Nilai with more than 200,000 students and lecturers. You will most likely find tenants in no time.

2. Crime

No one wants to live near a hotbed of illegal activity. Local crime statistics should be obtained from your local police department or public library. Determine the extent of vandalism, felonies, and misdemeanors and see if criminal activity is increasing or decreasing. You also need to know how often the police are patrolling in your area. Safety is Seri Pajam Home’s utmost priority as we offer a guarded community to our residents.

3. Job market

More and more tenants are attracted to areas with higher job prospects. Find out how a particular area is ranked in terms of employability. If a large corporation declares a move, you can be sure that workers looking for a place to live will flock to the area. Depending on the type of business, this can affect the rise or fall in home values. As mentioned previously, many companies are located in Nilai and this will generate demand for renting, especially if you bought a property with Seri Pajam Development. Guess what, with the Malaysian Vision Valley (MVV) project in Negeri Sembilan will also helps to create over a million jobs to the local residence. It aspires to deliver economic impact to Malaysia by bringing in international and local investors, creating job and business opportunities

4. Amenities

Explore the surrounding area on foot to see parks, restaurants, gyms, cinemas, public transport and other amenities that attract tenants. Is investing in real estate a good investment? Use promotional brochures to help you find where to find the best combination of public and private property. In fact, there are many amenities nearby Seri Pajam Development such as Aeon Mall, KTM station, KLIA, petrol station, eateries, commercial such as convenience store, banking and many more.

6. Future development

The regional planning department will have information about existing developments or proposals for the area. If there is a lot of construction going on, this is probably a very growing area. At Seri Pajam Development, we have more than ten types of properties to choose from. With more new developments coming up, this surely increases the value of nearby properties. Owning a home with Seri Pajam Development is likely to increase your net worth in the long run.

7. Number of listings and vacancies

If there are not many ads in an area, it is a good sign as this may indicate that vacancy rates are low, which in turn allows landlords to increase rents. Is a house really a good investment? With schools, universities and companies strategically located in and around Nilai, Seremban, Port Dickson your property will most likely be in demand.

8. Average rents

It is vital to recognize the average rent around the area, because rental income could be your bread and butter. Make certain the property you are planning to rent can cover your loan payment, taxes, and your different costs. How to know if a house is a good rental investment? Research the area very sufficiently to predict the rental rates in the next 5 years. With the unique qualities such as smart home features and fully extended car porch or even near to commercial area and education hub, owning a home at Seri Pajam' home is your best investment choice ever.


Is investing in a house a good investment? Yes! Real estate is a great opportunity to broaden your investment horizons. You can reduce the risk of high-risk investments, such as investing in the stock market. Investing in rental properties also allows you to benefit from a source of income while property prices rise, giving you great capital gains when you need it most in retirement. Browse our website now and choose a house to invest in!

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