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The first checklist you shall follow before buying a property

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

Many Malaysians dream of saving for a down payment and purchasing their first home. However, your first property does not have to be one in which you will live. Purchasing an investment property is one option. This can help you get your foot on the property ladder while still renting or living at home. Whether you want to buy a house in Malaysia for yourself or as an investment, there are several factors to consider. Read on to find out more.

For self living

Have a budget

In your overall financing, consider your down payment requirements. That is a lump sum equal to 10% of the total cost of the property that you will need to save up in order to pay in full. Most experts advise spending no more than 25-35% of your income on housing. This rule of thumb ensures that you have enough disposable income to cover other financial needs such as daily living expenses, emergency savings/investments, and retirement contributions. Remember to factor in additional expenses such as stamp duty and other miscellaneous legal fees. These are frequently overlooked by eager new buyers. Are you able to make the monthly payment? Unless you have the cash to buy a home outright, you'll need to secure a loan from a bank or financial institution to help pay for your home. Keep an eye out for financing opportunities geared toward first-time homebuyers (my first home scheme), especially if you're looking for low-cost housing.

Compare the cost

When you buy property that is out of your price range, you will be occupied with paying for it and its upkeep, which will severely restrict your ability to invest. Thus, it is critical to take a step back and compare the costs to other comparable properties. There will inevitably be competition for available homes in popular areas, but Malaysia's current property overhang provides some genuine opportunity to shop around and get a good deal. This is an excellent way to determine whether you are overpaying for a property, as well as whether there are any other similar projects that will provide you with a better value for your money. Nevertheless, choosing the least expensive alternative does not constitute purchasing an economical property! Select a home that meets your needs in terms of facilities, location, and overall comfort for all inhabitants.

Secure financing

Before buying a property in Malaysia, you must have finance. Finding the ideal new property for you will depend on you getting this step properly. The ratio of a person's total debt to their household income is called the debt service ratio (DSR). It gauges someone's capacity to fulfil their debt obligations. One of the three primary parts of your risk profile—which banks consider as a major determinant of your ability to borrow money—is your DSR.

You would also need to check to see that you don't have an excessive amount of debt. Your Debt Service Ratio (DSR), which should be between 30% and 40%, will instead reach unhealthy levels as a result of this. It's critical to realise that all banks will evaluate your eligibility for a loan based on both your CTOS score and your CCRIS Report. The appraisal of the property you're interested in as well as the highest Loan-to-Value (LTV) ratio and Margin of Finance you're eligible for are additional considerations made by banks. Banks evaluate your DSR to ascertain if you can afford the housing loan you're looking for and how much of your income is utilised to pay off loans and other debt commitments. A low DSR is desirable to a bank since it suggests that you will be able to make timely payments for your monthly instalments and that there is less chance that you will go into default.

For investment


The location has the greatest impact on home values because it influences the desirability of a home. The closer you are to convenient hot spots, the better your location and the more likely your home will appreciate in value in the future. One thing they aren't making more of is land, which is a big reason why location has such a big impact on home values. If you're looking to buy real estate in Malaysia, location will always be your top priority because you want to maximise appreciation and rentability. The mid-to-long-term view of how the area is expected to evolve over the investment period is critical when considering property location. For example, today's peaceful open land behind a residential building could one day become a noisy manufacturing facility, lowering its value. Examine the ownership and intended use of the immediate areas where you intend to invest thoroughly. The better the location, the easier it will be to rent out the home and the more you can get per month while also appreciating. Some of the best areas in Seri Pajam to buy real estate investments are in areas with great locations but where real estate prices do not necessarily reflect that. That's how you get the most appreciation and catch the neighbourhood on the rise in the beginning. Buy a house in Nilai now.


Property valuation can assist an individual or business in making a property sale based on the property's true market value. Prices can vary depending on where the property is located, which helps sellers determine the selling price of their property. Approach based on recent comparable sales of properties with similar characteristics is the most common valuation method and applicable to both new and old properties. The cost approach is the cost of land and construction minus depreciation, which is suitable for new construction. The income approach is based on anticipated cash inflows and is suitable for rental properties. Whether an individual or a business wants to invest in the purchase of a property or the construction of a complex, such as a building or a business space, valuation allows the individual or business to make an informed decision based on the exact value of the Malaysian property in question.

Cash flow

When you expand your portfolio, you are more likely to take on more debt and responsibility. If you have cash flow or have properties that generate cash flow, you can use it to fund future investments and expand your portfolio. Create predictions for the upcoming profit and expense with 4 modes, such as expected rental income cash flow (inflation favours landlords for rental income), expected rise in intrinsic value as a result of sustained price growth, gains from depreciation (and available tax benefits) and analysis of the costs and benefits of remodelling before selling to acquire a higher price. If you have regular cash flow, you can set some aside to create a fund that can be used in emergency situations.

Should you buy a house for self living or investment? Which is the best option? The decision between a home and an investment property will be influenced by your personal circumstances as well as the property you wish to purchase. Consider your financing options, such as investment home loans and fixed or variable rate mortgages.

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