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Nada Bidara was made for your life's journey to its fullest. The masterplan is designed for you to enjoy an elevated yet affordable lifestyle. Located within Malaysia Vision Valley, these stater homes with easy financing options and the exciting opportunities blowing this way are dreams that are within your reach.

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Get Booklet to learn more in details.

A detailed booklet is available for viewing. Click the link below to see all information you wish to know about Tunas Residensi.

Experiences the new life with NADA BIDARA

We have made a video for you to have a better way to experience what will be life look like after you decide to move in.

Get the floor plan

Check out the floor plan and plan ahead how to integrate your life into this beautiful home.


A Smart, Sustainable & Livable home.

The SMART built environment enhances residents’ safety and privacy and encourages residents to move through the shared facilities. On top of that, we adopted the SUSTAINABLE approach by minimizing building and maintenance costs and maximizes resources. We also promote High LIVABILITY which comes from an environment conducive to a healthy lifestyle and the close proximity of everyday conveniences, including shopping, leisure, health and education providers.

Nada Bidara Show unit

A smartly designed home now is equipped with optic fibre.

A layout designed for a comfortable and convenient lifestyle. Fully utilise every single inch of space for your smarter lifestyle. Fibre optic infrastructure, online management system and activity spaces encourage a knowledge-based community.

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