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22'x70' 5 ROOMS HOME


ADENA is a home that will make you feel as though you're waking up at a holiday destination every morning. With distinguished design and Senses Park at its doorstep, spending time both indoors or outdoors is equally rewarding.


In light of one of our proudest development- Nada Alam; housing of a total of 5 spacious bedrooms as well as 5 extensive bathrooms, we realize that a fully captivate your experience here. Let's push the extent of your creativity by experimenting with the design, varying the individual spacious within and modify the tone that you want you home to carry.

Characterised by clean lines and efficient use of space, our home design boasts a style that is truly modern and livable. Every curve and corner, window and door, are deliberate and meticulously planned so that your daily life becomes effortless.

Flexibility is a feature that is often overlooked but of undeniable value. From a young family growing in numbers to a household of individuals with various avocations; everyone benefits from a home that offers flexible space.

Elevate your lifestyle with an array of smart home features that makes your daily life a breeze. From a smart door bell, to digital lock, to smart light switches, everything is at your fingertips,. Furthermore, its user interface is so intuitive, family members of all generations will be able to grasp its function in no time.

Externally, we provide a holistic 3-tier security system that will put your mind at ease. Within this haven you will find cutting-edge security technology keeping you and your loved ones away from harm. We take our pledge to keep you safe, further. With regular patrols from the security personnel, perimeter fencing and more.