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Symphony of Nature​

 LIFE is a symphony waiting to be composed into a masterpiece and Nada Seruni was born by binding two of life's biggest offerings, sound and nature. It snuggled by 2 concept parks and 1 recreational lake. 

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Learn More About Nada Seruni

Specifications of Nada Seruni

Check out the specifications of Nada Seruni so you can have more reasons to own one unit of Nada Seruni.

Experiences the new life with Nada Seruni

We have made a video for you to have a better way to experience what will be life look like after you decide to move in.

The floor plan

Check out the floor plan and plan ahead how to integrate your life into this beautiful home.


A calm and peaceful home

Reach out and touch the beautiful blossoms, kiss the sparkling morning dew and heard the calming sound of lapping waters. Pin your ears back to the sounds around you. Here, you'll never run out of ways to lead a gratifying like closer to nature.

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Well-planned & spacious setup

Experience an extravagant array of residential spaces, perfect for entertaining friends, relaxing at the end of long day or just enjoying some quiet time by yourself.

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Surrounded by peaceful sensation from nature.

The neighbourhood is snuggled by 2 concept parks and 1 recreational lake. 

More features to make you call it as home.



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Spacious & Open Concept Design

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Extended Car Porch

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Extended Building

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Full Height Wall Tiles*