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A residential haven surrounded by lush greenery

Surrounded by lush greenery, this piece of paradise was a hidden gem with the potential to become a residential haven. Seri Pajam Development saw the potential and acted on it, while carefully preserving its natural beauty. This paradise was destined to become so much more. Nusa Intan is surrounded by a Forest Reserve whereby residents breathe fresher air, a home where they are lavished with a unique sense of serenity and luxury living, where the cool midst great them every morning.

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Learn More About NUSA 18

Specifications of Nusa 18

Check out the specifications of Nusa 18 so you can have more reasons to own one unit of Nusa 18.

Experiences the new life with Nusa Intan.

We have made a video for you to have a better way to experience what will be life look like after you decide to move in.

The floor plan

Check out the floor plan and plan ahead how to integrate your life into this beautiful home.


A home for a wholesome life

Accomplish your aspirations for sophistication and relish a wholesome life surrounded by 8 concept parks, 3 recreation lakes and 16 acres green area. The aforementioned NUSA 18 features of this stunning enclave include its capacious 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms build. This allows ample of space for a big family with room left for creativity.

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Save on renovation cost

Nusa 18 comes with a fully extended backyard and fully extended car porch. This way, homeowners get to save on renovations, benefit from the extra space in the back, and the shaded space for their cars at the front.

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Natural Lighting & Ventilation

The homes are also being designed to be naturally ventilated and lighted, with windows strategically placed throughout the house.

More features to make you call it as home.



green area
Concept park
recreational lake
forest reserved
extended building

16 acres green area

8 concept park

3 Recreation lake

Surrounded by forest reserve

Extended building

Extended building
full height wall tiles
Train Station

Extended car porch

Full height wall tiles*

Wide range of eateries

4.5km to 
TF Value-Mart KIP Mart

10km to KTM Senawang station

Near to highway

Easy Access from Highway

Nusa Intan is refreshed by the breezy serenity of 3 recreation lakes that make morning jogs and evening walks such as a cool experience.

Nusa Intan - Mini Wetland