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Exclusive in design and pragmatic in layout, Adena is perfect for those who enjoy the finer things in life. Experience lavish features and an array of upscale amenities in this last phase of the award winning development, Nada Alam.


Homes here are spaced out in a novel arrangement, immersed in expansive outdoor spaces. The 22’x95’ build-up opens up exciting, new possibilities for you to create a space with a deep sense of identity and belonging. 


Nada Alam was the first development project ever to introduce Family Street that brings a community closer together.  This safe and confined space is a wonderland for both young and old to play badminton, skate or even hopscotch - all worry-free.


When you first enter the low-density, resort-style development, you will feel a sense of excitement and anticipation. You will feel safe and secure knowing that your home is equipped with a multi-tier security system to keep you and your family protected. 


Experience Senses Park, a place where you can feel your feet kneed by the reflexology path, your ears calmed by the sounds of the Bamboo Walkway, and your senses heightened by the sights and touches of the Sensory Playground, Active Arena, Reflex Arc and The Hut. 


Apart from being low in density, our home design is characterised by clean lines and abundant in space. Every curve and corner, window and door, is meticulously designed to provide effortless daily living. With plenty of rooms for privacy and freedom, you can enjoy a truly modern and livable space. 


Experience the beauty of nature within the luxury of your own private garden. An idyllic open space with the sky as your canopy, this private oasis is the perfect place for young and old alike to frolic, relax and create lasting memories. Bird watch, throw a picnic, play catch or simply lay in the grass - the possibilities are endless in this serene and peaceful retreat. 


Unlock your doors, switch on the lights or roll down the curtains without having to leave your seat with the latest smart features that come standard with your property. Furthermore, the intuitive and user-friendly controls of these features make them highly accessible to family members, young and old.